What is Cialis?

Congratulations for all those who have cross half century mark in this life. This is a significant milestone for all, not only for having lived through the roller coaster ride in life but also to be able to look forward to the living every moment of the rest of your life and savoring each and every moment.

It does make us realize that we have arrived at a junction where going forward in life can take us to our destination called death any time. This realization changes our perspective of things and people around us. There is a paradigm shift in the way we perceive our relationships, life around us and consequently we find ourselves changing. A lot of things like patience, giving in, sharing, caring and other emotions that we never believed we were capable of or had begin to surface.

Life at this stage begins to unfold a new song. Suddenly the life has taken a turn. Everything has changed and perhaps taken a 360-degree turn. Home, which used to be full of children and dogs has turned empty. There is nobody except for you and your spouse. You are no longer running behind your career and are content to keep doing what you are doing. You have begun to slow down a bit and like to take things a little easy.

Yes it is time to take life easy. This is the time to rediscover friendships and intimate relationships.

Yes this is the time to rekindle the romance in your relationship, for you now have the time to spend time caring for each other and give each other the attention and time you did not have for the last few years.

But then are you physically fit. This is a very private but important question. It is quite likely that in the busy rigmarole of life, you have ignored your physical fitness as well as any physical intimate relationship with your wife. Chances are that you have never had enough time or it can also be that your body aging has taken its toll and you are facing a problem called erectile dysfunction without being aware of it. It so happens that people are caught so caught up in life that they do not notice this condition in them. Now when you suddenly want to rekindle the romance in life you are not able to perform.

Sounds familiar? You are not the only one. There are hundreds of men who will agree with this. So what is the normal reaction one can expect? You will think that you haven't been keeping fit and so start going for a brisk walk, jogging, swimming or go to a gym and try to build a trim and fit body. Even after a month or two of doing so, you are still not able to overcome the problem of erectile dysfunction and hence there is no romance in life. Then you start getting worried. There could be something wrong with you.

Yes there could be something wrong, but not something that the doctor cannot fix easily. It will take you only a few hours to get a solution to this problem and all you need to do is to talk to your doctor about your problem. The doctor will run you through a few tests and prescribe daily doze of Cialis.

As soon as you start taking Cialis 20mg on daily basis, you will soon begin to see color and romance coming back to your life. Your walk will have a spring and you are full of energy, looking forward to spending your evening at home with your wife. Reason being, Cialis has helped cure your erectile dysfunction and now you are rediscovering a new meaning of marriage and relationship.

Isn't Life wonderful? You life has just begun at 50s.

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