Cialis 20mg

Important Safety Information

Doctors prescribe Cialis for impotency related issues with men. The drug is very much effective and safe when compared to other erectile deficiency drugs and this makes Cilais a widely accepted impotency drug.


Once cialis is taken, the blood vessels elongates, which helps in the additional flow of blood in the region. It is a known fact that when the blood flow increase in the penile region, the penis gets its hardness and the hardness will last for a long time.

How to take

Generally, Cialis has to be used 45 minutes ahead of engaging in any sexual activity. The drug can be taken in empty stomach or with food. It is adviced not to deviate from the prescribed dosage. Moreover, only pill should be taken a day and there should be a difference of 24 hours between two cialis pills.

Missed dose/overdose

No person will ever miss cialis if that person is in need of it. In the case of overdose, you should have to contact the doctor without any delay if you feel of having used more than the prescribed dosage. Nausea, vomiting and uneven heart rate are some of the symptoms that one can come across if he has taken mor doses.

More Cilais Information

No drug should be used without a doctor’s prescription. When contacting the physician for your ED problems, you have to be very frank in telling him about all your health conditions. Be frank enough to tell about all the allergies that you face, including that of food, medicines and other substances.

If a person has kidney issues, liver problems, heart issues, blood related issues and problems of the penis, then the doctor may either alter the dosages or may not prescribe cialis.

Some Warnings

Cialis is not to be taken if a person is using nitrate-containing drugs. This is because the two drugs when combined together can lower the pressure to unsafe levels, which could be fatal.

In case you feel to have problems related to your vision, contact the physician without any delay. It has been noticed that some people using cialis drug had lost their vision. But it is not yet established if the vision loss was because of cialis drug. It has been seen that the loss was seen in people who had some vision problems earlier and those who had hypertension and those who were diabetic.

There is also a risk of side effects getting increased if alcohol is consumed while using cialis. Grape fruit and grape juice should also be avoided.

Cialis Side Effects

It is common that side effects are part of all medicines. Cialis is also no exception. Some of the allergic reactions that is noticed with cialis drug are swelling, hives and breathing difficulty.

Uneven hear beat, nausea, hearing loss, vision loss, ringing in ears, sweating, pain forming in arms and shoulders are some of the serious effects that one can come across after using cialis. If you encounter any of the allergic reactions or any of the above mentioned health problems, contact the doctor.

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